Why Video Games Rock Web Marketing: Top 5 Third-Person Shooter Games Of All Time

WackyKid Comment
As it has been well over a decade I’ve been into “games and stuff”, I was fortunate enough to witness their mind-boggling development starting from the early 2000s to this present day. Therefore, I feel that the time has come when I bring to you MY personal list of top 5 third-person shooter games – judged mainly under the grounds of plot strength, ease of gameplay, and quality of the graphic content.

Marty Comment
The more web marketing I create the more it feels like B2C sites are first person shooter games while B2B are third person shooter games. I wrote  about shopper as «actant» not long ago in Why Time Is Money Online (https://plus.google.com/+MartinWSmith/posts/RdjAjWoJTHw ).

I just wrote a Curagami post about difference in B2B / B2C storytelling (http://www.curagami.com/featured/story-storytelling-fedex-time/ ). Will put some more flesh on the bones of this video game 1st Person Shooter vs. 3rd Person Shooter analogy for web marketing soon.

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