Not only, but Facebook has a lesson to learn from Nintendo’s massive 1990s virtual reality failure

On Monday, Mar. 28, Facebook’s Oculus started shipping its first virtual reality headset to consumers. But it may have a hard time convincing US users to try it out: The last time a large multinational company tried to bring virtual reality gaming to the world was 21 years ago, and it was a categorical failure. In th

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Quote «Back then, Nintendo was as much a household name as Facebook is today. The company stuck to its core area of expertise—videogames—but its characters appeared in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and just about every piece of clothing and merchandise imaginable. After revitalizing the videogame market with its 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo followed up with two more smash hits: the Game Boy and the Super Nintendo. The next step, some believed, was to translate the gaming company’s success to a new medium.»

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