What is VFX

VFX – What Is VFX from University of Bolton on Vimeo.

This video gives an introduction to the subject of VFX by defining the subject area, it’s origins from SFX & a brief, simplistic overview of how it is applied to film & TV.

Email : vfx@bolton.ac.uk
VFX Videocast: http://vfxintro.bolton.ac.uk
Course Information : bolton.ac.uk/vfx
How to Apply : courses.bolton.ac.uk/Details/Index/2175
Facebook : facebook.com/groups/SFX.VFX.Bolton/
Twitter : twitter.com/Film_FX_Bolton
Graduate Showreels: http://vfxgraduates.bolton.ac.uk

Additional Sound Design by Pete Nixon : peteinverness@gmail.com

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